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Wonders of the world

Every Wednesday, we shall be learning something about the world we live in. It’s a good thing to visit this site and learn something new, abstract from the every day information.

Today, we will be looking at the Salt lake of Siwa in Egypt. The lake is part of what some may call a resort in Egypt called the Siwa Oasis which is located 300 South West of the Mediterranean town Marsa Matrouh. The Oasis has different side attractions but the salt lake is one that draws more tourists. The water is 4 meters deep with a 95% salt concentration which helps make it impossible for anyone to drown, you float instead. It is known for its crystal clear water with its magnificent light blue color. People are more attracted to the lake because of its healing power. Yes! Healing power! It is said to cure sinuses, skin and eye infections.

This is a place to put at the top your bucket list. It will be nice to just float on the water, forget about your worries and village people 😁 Nature is beautiful ❤️

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