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Wonders of the world

Located in Iceland, the blue lagoon makes it on the list of National Geographic’s 25 wonders of the world which they describe as a “torquoise vision in a black basaltic moonscape”. The lagoon attracts tourist from all over the world due to the fact that it improves skin function and prevents premature aging. The engineers uses hot pressurized water from underground to run stream turbines and generate electricity.

The lagoon is described as a geothermal with 70% seawater and 30% fresh water and is enriched with silica, algae and materials. It’s color is gotten through the reflection of sunlight on the silica. The seawater reaches up to 6,500 feet(1,981m) beneath the surface where it reaches 464°F (250°C). The deepest part of the water is 4.7 feet while the shallowest is 2.6 feet. The water is said to renew itself naturally every 40hrs which means you get the good stuff fresh always despite how many people have been in the water.

Hmmmm There’s so much about the world that we do not know about, money is part of the reasons most people cannot visit such places and for those who have the money, knowledge is missing. Dubai is not the only nice place on Earth as we’ve read from this article. Add this to your bucket list 😁

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