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One year of youth service is considered as the flexing period by some Corpers. No doubt we all enjoy the perks that comes with the uniform😁 But while enjoying that, think about the day you will hang your boots and face another phase of life;33k will not be available to use forever. A good saving habit saves you alot of heartache and luckily, there are alot of online or unconventional banks that can help with that. They have all been approved by the CBN and are safe to use; their ads run all over TV daily. Learning to put money aside as a young man or woman helps as you grow in life. Say no to get rich quick schemes, they never end well. Avoid gambling, that’s a bad addiction one cannot recover from in a hurry. Out of every 5 naira, you can keep 2 naira and that’s how a good saving habit is cultivated. Most of our parents admit to flawing in their financial life because they couldn’t save or make some good investments; Buying shares, land, building a house aka being a landlord is a good investment because there is financial returns at least annually. These days, being an Uber driver is one of the other good and legit ways to make money in Nigeria. In a lame man’s term, alaye double your hustle; Rome wasn’t built in a day. Contentment, Patience, Hard work and a good saving habit go hand in hand

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