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On Saturday, 5th June 2021, the Federal Government of Nigeria banned the operations of twitter in Nigeria. What everyone saw as a joke became a reality as noone could access their twitter accounts anymore. The twitter community has been a source of happiness, joy and means to air opinions freely and besides that, most people who are influencers couldn’t do their jobs anymore and those who were twitter vendors had their business cut short.

On the 12th of January, the FG announced the end to the 7 month ban after they had an agreement with twitter. Nigerians all over were excited over this news but what can be learnt from the twitter ban? One thing to be learnt form this ban is mainly for business men and women. Make it a priority this year to have various means which customers can reach your brand. There is telegram, instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp these days which makes it easier for business to be conducted effectively.

Most people lost customers, pending orders were put on hold and money lost. This ban teaches to be versatile and proactive! Always think of new ways to improve your craft people!

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