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There are alot of things we do, burdens we bear, lessons we learn. These are part of what makes us human; we cannot avoid them. In the course of the week, I have learnt some lessons – was faced with tasks that were new to me, made mistakes and had moments where I felt I could have done something differently. The mistakes made didn’t make me incompetent but gave me a platform to learn.
So I ask, how do you approach mistakes made? What do you take from them when it occurs? Most of us, young and agile are afraid to make mistakes so as not to be tagged a daft or slow person. This is why we find young adults everywhere trying to prove a point so badly that they have no knowledge on what they are doing. Life is less about impressing and more about learning, living, learning and living again. Mistakes help you perform a task better than you did the previous time, it gives you an avenue to grow as a person while acquiring more knowledge.
Give yourself time to grow, learn, make mistakes, take the lessons from them and move on. If you make a mistake again, continue the process. No man is an island neither is anyone perfect. Remember this as you prepare mentally for next week.

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