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Holla! Welcome to a new week. So today we continue on being human and we’ll be looking at learning. What does it take to learn? Listening and asking questions. Most times as adults we fail to ask questions so it doesn’t look like we don’t know anything but life evolves, new information is put out there everyday some of which you might not know about and asking is the way to learn but before asking, you need to admit to yourself that you do not know that’s the only way you can learn. Most times, our egos get in the way of acquiring knowledge which is why for example in the university, a lot of people are scared to ask their coursemates for help concerning a particular course they do not understand so well so they don’t fall their hands. They go on with their academics devoid of knowledge on a particular course.

Truth is, it never hurts to admit you don’t know anything and it gets easier when you ask even if it’s from someone younger. Nothing is achieved when fear, pride and naivety are mixed together and noone is a fountain of knowledge, it’s a resource shared evenly amongst everyone. Scholars like Newton, Chomsky, Karl Max are known because of their contribution to the world of knowledge, they all contributed different things/ideologies that are being taught today. One thing they all have in common is that they shared what they knew and learnt along the way.

Give yourself an opportunity to learn today! Ask questions and improve on yourself!

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