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There is some sort of pressure that comes with Social Media fur to the lies and display of perfection shown by people online which makes others feel like they are not doing enough or meeting up to some standard. There was an incident between Uche Maduagwu,

It's another day of learning about the wonders of the world! Today, we take a trip to Dubai! Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destination these days. Most people go there for vacation, to visit the gold market or look at the Burj

Each day we wake up, there are new motivational videos up online, telling you what to do, how to have a positive mindset and go out and get what you want. There has even been memes made with motivational quotes as many has called them

On Saturday, 5th June 2021, the Federal Government of Nigeria banned the operations of twitter in Nigeria. What everyone saw as a joke became a reality as noone could access their twitter accounts anymore. The twitter community has been a source of happiness, joy and

Happy New Year people! It's a new year filled with new opportunities and ways to achieve great things and of course doing exploits. It's normal for people to start making new year resolutions some of which people never keep to either because they are unrealistic or