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Located in Iceland, the blue lagoon makes it on the list of National Geographic's 25 wonders of the world which they describe as a "torquoise vision in a black basaltic moonscape". The lagoon attracts tourist from all over the world due to the fact that

Every Wednesday, we shall be learning something about the world we live in. It's a good thing to visit this site and learn something new, abstract from the every day information. Today, we will be looking at the Salt lake of Siwa in Egypt. The lake

Holla! Welcome to a new week. So today we continue on being human and we'll be looking at learning. What does it take to learn? Listening and asking questions. Most times as adults we fail to ask questions so it doesn't look like we don't

There are alot of things we do, burdens we bear, lessons we learn. These are part of what makes us human; we cannot avoid them. In the course of the week, I have learnt some lessons - was faced with tasks that were new to

    One year of youth service is considered as the flexing period by some Corpers. No doubt we all enjoy the perks that comes with the uniform😁 But while enjoying that, think about the day you will hang your boots and face another phase of life;33k

Human beings carry in them different traits and attitudes which creates the distinction between each person. Some people are naturally sassy, confident, rude, courteous etc. The funny thing is most people attribute their behaviour to their zodiac signs? Like really? You do something terrible and